Smita’s Craft Hut

​Hello friends 

I am Smita  welcoming you to my first blog SMITA’S CRAFT HUT.  And this intro write-up is to acquaint you  with the passion involved in the work i do.

At SCH,  you are not only going to see  a number of articles i crafted but the love and effort i put into to make the things sooth your eyes and senses.

In times when everyone is too  busy seeking a decent job,  i realised my interest lies in MY HUT-PIECES. Yes, i call my creations HUT PIECES as they are so beautiful that they seem part of the hut i. e.  this beautiful world.

 All of my hut pieces are made up of simple craft materials like tissue papers,  wires,  threads, cardboards, thermocole and clay. 

The very first hut piece i m presenting to u is THE DANCING GIRLS created in the month of march on 8th,  The Women’s Day symbolising the never ever seen before presence of women on the world podium.

the dancing girls

I can see wars, i am seeing bloodshed and all of us can see the civil wars and destruction but believe me guys, the time we are in now is one of best we can ever think of. because the wheel of self-realisation has set in.

Today we know what we want to do. We are not running after happiness,we are creating our own happy world.

The minion coin box

This cute coin box will not only make u smile but it will urge you to save for your happy future. 
Hey, by the way my Hut pieces are too easy for you to create at your home. So if you like it do take out a few minutes out of your monotonous busy schedule to try your hands on random creation. 

And it is clinically proven 😉 that creating something new rejuvenates the real you and it helps you fight depression and overcome stress as well. Moreover you can show it off to your mates to prove that you are playing your part in beautifying this world. 

Do share this post if you like it and do not forget to follow me on Facebook.See you soon with more of my hut pieces.  Until then keep shining and do not forget to play your part in beautifying this world. 



I am Smita Singh from Madhya Pradesh, passionate for Craft since birth , an engineering graduate and Recycling Enthusiast.

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