The Butterflies 

Hello  everyone,
Bringing you yet another Hut-Piece ‘The Butterflies’ symbolizing change and freedom as the two important aspects of life.

One of my favourite writers Paulo Coelho in his book The Alchemist, mentions butterflies as good omens. It is the beautiful butterfly that helps the protagonist make a firm decision to move on his life towards his goal. The fluttering butterfly is seen as the green signal, the indication telling  a person that he is on the right path.

I do insist that all these omens😇 and sudden 🔔 ghanti’s are things of belief. But, my friends, all of us approve the fact that Belief in a thing makes it happen.

The colourful butterflies adorning my living room’s wall soothes my senses and hits me gently with the fact that change is the rule of nature. 

Read somewhere, 

Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness yet become something beautiful.”

Not just transformation and change  butterflies are epithets for freedom. And as we all know the clock has started to tick when we are readying ourselves towards emancipation, freeing us from the burdensome mentalities and narrow-mindedness. We are moving towards an era of happiness and enlightment.

By the way, these butterflies are so easy to craft that you can yourself cut them out of colourful paper and stick them to walls. Since we rarely go out in greenery to spot a butterfly, we can find them every morning in our living room.

Your appreciation means a lot to me.  Keep liking SMITA’S CRAFT HUT and i will bring you more beautiful hut-pieces in the coming time. Untill then Keep Spreading Smiles. 



I am Smita Singh from Madhya Pradesh, passionate for Craft since birth , an engineering graduate and Recycling Enthusiast.

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