Work/Study Table Inspiration 

​Hello Everyone 
Here I welcome you again on Smita’s Craft Hut and today i have brought you Work/Study Table Motivation. The Hut-Pieces,  I am presenting to you today  are actually Miniature Motivational Kicks which you need to have on your Work/Study Table.

Ta Ta-da 🎉🎆🎇🎊

Time,  my dear friends,  is money and is so damn swift… it just flies away. And how many of us get frustrated when we need that particular pen or pencil or that specific electricity bill urgently and it’s nowhere to be seen on the table? There comes my Hut-Pieces The Pen Stands and Bill holders.

When workload is crushing you, these inspiring and beautiful pen stands and bill holders are gonna remind you to Not Stop and Get Going, Everything Can Be Managed.

Breath and Believe…

Hey do you know what’s the worst thing about Motivation?  It is –  It needs to be refilled time and again. And what’s better than having Quote Boards on or around your study/work table to keep u motivated all through the day.

And when you are down and frustrated just set your chin up and get inspired… Get moving FLY HIGH...

And in times,  when “motivation, pyaaz se jyada or mehenga bik raha hai” why just keep quote boards for inspiration, get some rock solid small but cute Paper – Weights.

Aren’t these super cute??

 If you find them cute too i would urge you to share this post as much as you can so as to keep me motivated in pursuing my passion. 

My next Hut-Piece is for all the book-lovers. A utility every bibliophile holds as more important than the toothbrush. The Bookmarks.

These custom – made bookmarks for each and every genre of books are just so enchanting that you may for once forget the context of passage you are reading when you see them.

Note: All the Hut-Pieces, brought forth today are either recycled or created using things that are no more of use.

Getting Super Excited for my next two posts on FRIENDSHIP DAY and RAKSHABANDHAN.

Untill then Keep your spirits high,  keep believing… Oh you are breathing too… you are Alive. Keep Smiling and do not forget to like and comment on today’s Hut-Pieces.



I am Smita Singh from Madhya Pradesh, passionate for Craft since birth , an engineering graduate and Recycling Enthusiast.

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