A Gift Called Friend 

​The devils in Angel’s disguise, the angels who abet us to take unnegotiable risks in life, the ones who set us free when we are chained down and those who give us the warmest hug whenever they want. Friends . The best part of our lives.

World Fraud hai… Friendship God hai😉

And yesterday when all of us were busy partying with friends flooding malls and restaurents and each and every khopchas we could occupy since morning , I contemplated on gifts we could have given them instead of what we gifted them to make them feel utter special.


Friendship day was a busy day , So here I am bringing you the friendship day special hut-pieces today.

Our Classic Friendship

Be it games period in school or last night of assignment final submission in college, we were always together . We were always the best tag-team ever. 

The Nights Together

When I made a mistake, both of us were punished. When we were in love, we used to fall for the same girl or boy. the spirit of togetherness is still alive.

We Are The Owls

Life is moving forward on a multiple-wheeled vehicle and some day may come we won’t be able to meet on special occasion but Believe me , I will try hard to send you merry wishes through these cute Hut-Pieces .

My Bestie
Togetherness is Love

You know Friends, I Believe the best part of our friendship was not when we ate out together at McDonalds or gave each other gifts on birthdays, the part we cherish the most were those when we bitched about that particular person unianimously and we laughed together on the silliest  jokes on hours at stretch. We feel really lucky to have devils like our friends in our lives.


The Reason we love these devils is just one- They do not wear masks.They show us their real faces. If they have to, they stab you from the front and that too for fun.

Miniature Gift-packs and Envelope

 And Oh! Their desires for expensive-looking gifts(even if it costs a penny), in addition to their distates for gift boxes and envelopes made me bring you these cute gift-boxes and envelopes and I bet your friends can’t resist but to conserve them as a prized memory.And what they give us back are wishes.

Urimms and Thumims and The Gift-box

And Now the craft part of today’s Post:-

‘The Nights Together’ and ‘We are the Owls‘ are made up of clay glued to cardboard.

– All the greetings and the ‘The Butterfly Messenger ‘ are made up of colorpapers and quillings.

– The Gift-boxes and Envelopes are also made up of cartons , ribbons and papers. And there are those stones coloured beautifully.

The Butterfly Messenger

That’s All for this friendship day,  I hope you liked today’s Hut-Pieces. If you do,  please like it and share it as much as you can. Hoping to see you soon. Keep Smiling untill then. 



I am Smita Singh from Madhya Pradesh, passionate for Craft since birth , an engineering graduate and Recycling Enthusiast.

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