Rakshabandhan – A Day to make a Promise to Protect our Angels

Hello Friends

I hope  all of you celebrated Rakshabandhan well and had a great fight – cum- fun with your brothers and sisters. I remember my childhood when we used to be so excited about the festival … Henna , Rakhi , new dresses, sweets  and packets of Little Hearts. You must be having different memories but all of those are Nostalgic , you will agree !

How to gift a Rakhi

We all grow up, move to new cities, we get a new life and  if luck has it we get a chance to be together on Rakshabandhan.

Brothers and Sisters…Rakhi…Promises to protect her…Prayers to protect him…

Brother – Superhero, Sister- Princess Tags

And when we are not in a position to play with the calendar , when we are so busy with our lives , Rakshabandhan gives us a chance to send our lovely wishes to our naughty yet understanding brother.

Cute Rakhi Envelopes

And for sure it is one of the best feelings to receive Rakhi from your sister by any means -post or courier.

Cute Rakhi Envelopes

And here comes a big challenge for all the brothers when they receive Rakhi – “Oh My God ! What gift should I send her now ? She already knows I am bad at it.”


Smita’s Craft Hut is giving you an idea to gift your sister …the things every sister cherishes … The Memories of being Together.

Memories of Being Together

The Fun … The Fights… The Games… Going to School Together… Talks that had NO ENDS… Sharing Caring…Bullying …Protecting… Teasing and Imagining…Brothers and sisters are first best friends of everyone on this earth.

Though they are despicable indeed… Love them…they are diamonds when you need.

There is  a plus Hut – Piece for today. ‘The Golden Flora ’. I learned and crafted it in two and a half weeks. Scope for improvement exists.

The Golden Flora

Craft Hut Note- All Hut- Pieces presented today are made up of paper,clay, cardboards and eco-friendly paints.

With this , I am ending todays baat-cheet. I hope you enjoyed it thoroughly and to prove that – you need to like it and share it only as much as you can, No compulsion 😛

Keep Shining Until then and do not forget to recommend Smita’s Craft Hut to your peers.



I am Smita Singh from Madhya Pradesh, passionate for Craft since birth , an engineering graduate and Recycling Enthusiast.

6 thoughts on “Rakshabandhan – A Day to make a Promise to Protect our Angels

  1. Awesome described about our true n cute relation of brother n sister…it reminded me some of overwhelming moments spent together even wid u too..luv u n keep writing

    Liked by 1 person

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