​Hello friends

Welcoming you to yet another post on Smita’s Craft Hut where I am presenting to you three of my beautiful Hut-Pieces made of clay.

It is the light that illuminates life and all of the darkness too. ”                  

   –  BhagwatGeeta: Chapter 13, Verse 17.

 The lord of blue skies, the one with dusky complexion, the one loved by one and all,  the ultimate epitome of ‘Darkness and Beauty’ Krishna. 

Morpakha Name-plate

All of us will agree that Not even his over-manipulative and mischievous nature could abate our love for him. Loved for the colours he fills in our lives –  that of love and friendship and Revered for his teachings enshrined in the BhagwatGeeta,  Krishna is our Super-Hero. 

The Colourful Dusk – Krishna

The Lord of Universe –  Jagannath is everywhere –  In Temples, at home and inside our hearts,  sometimes as the Beloved of Radha and sometimes as Balgopal to all the mothers. He’s also there with Balbhadra and Subhadhra in Sibling Triad and as a preacher-cum- Saarthi to Arjun, as a faithful friend to Sudama and as a Stud available to all gopis. 

The Gopis

With these Hut-Pieces, I express my love for Krishna.  I hope you have found these beautiful too.  Appreciation needed. Hit like and share if you wish.May Lord Krishna bless you with wit. Keep Shining and Keep Believing. See you Soon. 



I am Smita Singh from Madhya Pradesh, passionate for Craft since birth , an engineering graduate and Recycling Enthusiast.

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