She Makes Her World Beautiful 

​You remember the moment when you held her in your arms for the first time. She was soft as rose-petals… innocent… immaculate. You felt your heart brimming with love for her when she was born and you first saw her… My little Sister… My Daughter… My Fairy… you proclaimed.

The Fairy Door

Girls…Sisters… Daughters… who were taught by their brothers and fathers to build their own Castles,  to rule their own Kingdoms,  are actually the girls who enjoy taking sips of victory and defeat equally. They do not wait for someone else to knock on their doors and take them away to a beautiful world. Those girls make their world beautiful… on their own.

So! Boys and Men! When it comes to gift your little girl something worthy,  Present them a Fairy-Door. 

The Fairy Door

This will remind her everyday that she is special. She creates her own world with her own wands-cum-hands. Make her believe that  the world behind her door is crafted by her only. And the belief will do the rest.
Winds of Women Empowerment compelled me to craft this Hut-Piece.  I have high hopes that you’ve liked it. 

Will catch you soon with my new Hut-Pieces. Until then,  Keep putting your step forward in making this world a beautiful place.



I am Smita Singh from Madhya Pradesh, passionate for Craft since birth , an engineering graduate and Recycling Enthusiast.

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