Welcome The Light 

वक्रतुण्ड महाकाय सूर्यकोटि समप्रभ ।
निर्विघ्नं कुरु मे देव सर्वकार्येषु सर्वदा ॥

We all can smell the ‘Fragrance of Festivity‘ suspended in the air. Here comes the Pappa of all festivals – Diwali. Yaay!!

Beginning the festival season with this lovely Hut-Piece ‘Vinayaka’. 

Made of clay ( Earth )… Crafted on Blue    ( Water )… Ganesha in Silver  ( Air )… with the shining Sun ( Fire )…and the Hut-Piece itself is the Meaning…the Medium…the Incarnation…( Ether ) … Vinayaka.

Let us just begin the celebration from the roots…the underlying philosophy behind celebration of festivals. I can’t explain how so much I am glad this season. And you all gotta see what I have crafted for this Diwali.

So Friends !! Keep the festive spirit high. Exhaust all the shopping limits and DO NOT forget to gift a smile to the needy. Keep following me on Smita’s Craft Hut for more customised Diwali gifts and share my Hut-Pieces everywhere you can and as much as you can. Pretty excited to Get you tomorrow!


Happy Holi!!

Smita’s Craft Hut wishes you a very happy holi with this beautiful notion that 

Krishna’s depression for being dusky and Radha being fair made him colour this world resulting in colourful faces and colourful souls. All that remained was colours. Krishna ended all our misconceptions of world being judged on just two parameters of wrong and right, black and white.

With the same spirit, Let’s celebrate Holi throwing away into holika all our misbelieves and embark upon a new journey with colours.

Bringing you ‘The Krishna Dhaar‘ a small fountain on holi to light up your living area and fill colours to your courtyard.
Share, like and comment to spread more  Smiles and Play Holi Well and Stay Safe!!

And if you like short stories,  do read this one by my sister on this holi


Keep  Smiling!!

My First Exhibition 

​A ‘Not-a-well-planned-move’ yielded pretty good results. My first exhibition of my Hut-pieces culminated into handful of sale and loads of appreciation.

While putting the items on display, I wasn’t thinking of anything but to lure audience towards my Hut-pieces. I am thankful to Shivani,Priyanka,Charu &  Rajendra for helping me setup my first exhibition. 
3 days of Shajapur Festival, scores of appreciating smiles, thousands of awed faces, tonnes of heavy pockets that stayed heavy till the end of festival and a few heads who were positive critics, All of it  instilled in me a sense of self-accomplishment.

I am so grateful to have this life. I have finally found my passion, have you found yours yet?

​Celebrate The Spirit of Christmas

​Love ,Sacrifice , Joy and Contentment are the elements of Christmas. Let us all Celebrate the spirit of Christmas and this year lets ignite the bright light of Christmas within ourselves.Merry Christmas Everyone!

Smita’s Craft Hut is celebrating the auspicious day with this beautiful hut-piece  ‘Welcome Baby Jesus‘.Inculcate the innocence of baby jesus and forgive each and every person on this planet for whatever wrong they have  done. Let faith and hope rule us all.

Christmas gives us all the oppurtunities to come closer to family and friends and thus, begins a string of gift-sharing moments. This season , make the gift-sharing extra special with these cute gifting ideas from Smita’s Craft Hut

With Christmas ,starts preparation for the New Year . And with increase in excitement for the new year bash, increases our hope for a better year.

Usher in an year of hope , happiness and success with this cute hut piece ‘The Christmas door‘  which takes you to a world you wish for.
For me , Christmas has always been a festival of sharing gifts and happiness , for you , it may be something else. But , for us all , Christmas brings happiness .Hoping for more likes and subscribes on my page , here’s Smita , signing off with this message by Charles Dickens –  

“I will honour Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year”.Let us just make this promise with ourselves too,  to keep the spirit of Christmas ignited within ourselves all through the year.

Welcome The Light 

There is a crack in everything , that’s how the light enters.

And the lights of hopes of a better and greener future fill us with utter happiness. Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali !

And today on Diwali – The Festival of Lights , I am presenting to you my Hut-Pieces that say a lot about light,darkness,colour,hope,belief and happiness.

Here is Chhotu Ganesh on Green Leaf symbolising Sustainable Development. Frame Contents: Recycled Metal Pot, Paper Cup Battery-operated Diya and Clay Ganesh and leaf.

And then there is this recycled flower vase beautifully decorated with clay and these Diya-bases made of clay and again a battery-operated Diya made from clay and waste cosmetic container.

And my next Hut-Piece urges you all to keep moving towards an Energy- efficient future even if the pace is as slow as this Cute Tortoise.

Equal opportunities to all…My dear Ladies and Gentlemen! Be it a beetle or a mushroom! Opportunity (not to feature on my blog) but to play their part in making this world better and brighter.

And at last some more Light.

Budhha’s last message to his disciples was BE A LIGHT UNTO YOURSELF i.e. You have got all the potential to become the You , you have always dreamt of becoming, you DO NOT need to imitate others and You are indeed irreplaceable!

With this beautiful thought I am concluding this blog and wishing you again a Prosperous and Safe Diwali !

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Keep Shining ! Be Bright! And keep the wheels moving … Recycle…Reuse…Relive…

She Makes Her World Beautiful 

​You remember the moment when you held her in your arms for the first time. She was soft as rose-petals… innocent… immaculate. You felt your heart brimming with love for her when she was born and you first saw her… My little Sister… My Daughter… My Fairy… you proclaimed.

The Fairy Door

Girls…Sisters… Daughters… who were taught by their brothers and fathers to build their own Castles,  to rule their own Kingdoms,  are actually the girls who enjoy taking sips of victory and defeat equally. They do not wait for someone else to knock on their doors and take them away to a beautiful world. Those girls make their world beautiful… on their own.

So! Boys and Men! When it comes to gift your little girl something worthy,  Present them a Fairy-Door. 

The Fairy Door

This will remind her everyday that she is special. She creates her own world with her own wands-cum-hands. Make her believe that  the world behind her door is crafted by her only. And the belief will do the rest.
Winds of Women Empowerment compelled me to craft this Hut-Piece.  I have high hopes that you’ve liked it. 

Will catch you soon with my new Hut-Pieces. Until then,  Keep putting your step forward in making this world a beautiful place.


​Hello friends

Welcoming you to yet another post on Smita’s Craft Hut where I am presenting to you three of my beautiful Hut-Pieces made of clay.

It is the light that illuminates life and all of the darkness too. ”                  

   –  BhagwatGeeta: Chapter 13, Verse 17.

 The lord of blue skies, the one with dusky complexion, the one loved by one and all,  the ultimate epitome of ‘Darkness and Beauty’ Krishna. 

Morpakha Name-plate

All of us will agree that Not even his over-manipulative and mischievous nature could abate our love for him. Loved for the colours he fills in our lives –  that of love and friendship and Revered for his teachings enshrined in the BhagwatGeeta,  Krishna is our Super-Hero. 

The Colourful Dusk – Krishna

The Lord of Universe –  Jagannath is everywhere –  In Temples, at home and inside our hearts,  sometimes as the Beloved of Radha and sometimes as Balgopal to all the mothers. He’s also there with Balbhadra and Subhadhra in Sibling Triad and as a preacher-cum- Saarthi to Arjun, as a faithful friend to Sudama and as a Stud available to all gopis. 

The Gopis

With these Hut-Pieces, I express my love for Krishna.  I hope you have found these beautiful too.  Appreciation needed. Hit like and share if you wish.May Lord Krishna bless you with wit. Keep Shining and Keep Believing. See you Soon. 

Rakshabandhan – A Day to make a Promise to Protect our Angels

Hello Friends

I hope  all of you celebrated Rakshabandhan well and had a great fight – cum- fun with your brothers and sisters. I remember my childhood when we used to be so excited about the festival … Henna , Rakhi , new dresses, sweets  and packets of Little Hearts. You must be having different memories but all of those are Nostalgic , you will agree !

How to gift a Rakhi

We all grow up, move to new cities, we get a new life and  if luck has it we get a chance to be together on Rakshabandhan.

Brothers and Sisters…Rakhi…Promises to protect her…Prayers to protect him…

Brother – Superhero, Sister- Princess Tags

And when we are not in a position to play with the calendar , when we are so busy with our lives , Rakshabandhan gives us a chance to send our lovely wishes to our naughty yet understanding brother.

Cute Rakhi Envelopes

And for sure it is one of the best feelings to receive Rakhi from your sister by any means -post or courier.

Cute Rakhi Envelopes

And here comes a big challenge for all the brothers when they receive Rakhi – “Oh My God ! What gift should I send her now ? She already knows I am bad at it.”


Smita’s Craft Hut is giving you an idea to gift your sister …the things every sister cherishes … The Memories of being Together.

Memories of Being Together

The Fun … The Fights… The Games… Going to School Together… Talks that had NO ENDS… Sharing Caring…Bullying …Protecting… Teasing and Imagining…Brothers and sisters are first best friends of everyone on this earth.

Though they are despicable indeed… Love them…they are diamonds when you need.

There is  a plus Hut – Piece for today. ‘The Golden Flora ’. I learned and crafted it in two and a half weeks. Scope for improvement exists.

The Golden Flora

Craft Hut Note- All Hut- Pieces presented today are made up of paper,clay, cardboards and eco-friendly paints.

With this , I am ending todays baat-cheet. I hope you enjoyed it thoroughly and to prove that – you need to like it and share it only as much as you can, No compulsion 😛

Keep Shining Until then and do not forget to recommend Smita’s Craft Hut to your peers.

A Gift Called Friend 

​The devils in Angel’s disguise, the angels who abet us to take unnegotiable risks in life, the ones who set us free when we are chained down and those who give us the warmest hug whenever they want. Friends . The best part of our lives.

World Fraud hai… Friendship God hai😉

And yesterday when all of us were busy partying with friends flooding malls and restaurents and each and every khopchas we could occupy since morning , I contemplated on gifts we could have given them instead of what we gifted them to make them feel utter special.


Friendship day was a busy day , So here I am bringing you the friendship day special hut-pieces today.

Our Classic Friendship

Be it games period in school or last night of assignment final submission in college, we were always together . We were always the best tag-team ever. 

The Nights Together

When I made a mistake, both of us were punished. When we were in love, we used to fall for the same girl or boy. the spirit of togetherness is still alive.

We Are The Owls

Life is moving forward on a multiple-wheeled vehicle and some day may come we won’t be able to meet on special occasion but Believe me , I will try hard to send you merry wishes through these cute Hut-Pieces .

My Bestie
Togetherness is Love

You know Friends, I Believe the best part of our friendship was not when we ate out together at McDonalds or gave each other gifts on birthdays, the part we cherish the most were those when we bitched about that particular person unianimously and we laughed together on the silliest  jokes on hours at stretch. We feel really lucky to have devils like our friends in our lives.


The Reason we love these devils is just one- They do not wear masks.They show us their real faces. If they have to, they stab you from the front and that too for fun.

Miniature Gift-packs and Envelope

 And Oh! Their desires for expensive-looking gifts(even if it costs a penny), in addition to their distates for gift boxes and envelopes made me bring you these cute gift-boxes and envelopes and I bet your friends can’t resist but to conserve them as a prized memory.And what they give us back are wishes.

Urimms and Thumims and The Gift-box

And Now the craft part of today’s Post:-

‘The Nights Together’ and ‘We are the Owls‘ are made up of clay glued to cardboard.

– All the greetings and the ‘The Butterfly Messenger ‘ are made up of colorpapers and quillings.

– The Gift-boxes and Envelopes are also made up of cartons , ribbons and papers. And there are those stones coloured beautifully.

The Butterfly Messenger

That’s All for this friendship day,  I hope you liked today’s Hut-Pieces. If you do,  please like it and share it as much as you can. Hoping to see you soon. Keep Smiling untill then. 

Work/Study Table Inspiration 

​Hello Everyone 
Here I welcome you again on Smita’s Craft Hut and today i have brought you Work/Study Table Motivation. The Hut-Pieces,  I am presenting to you today  are actually Miniature Motivational Kicks which you need to have on your Work/Study Table.

Ta Ta-da 🎉🎆🎇🎊

Time,  my dear friends,  is money and is so damn swift… it just flies away. And how many of us get frustrated when we need that particular pen or pencil or that specific electricity bill urgently and it’s nowhere to be seen on the table? There comes my Hut-Pieces The Pen Stands and Bill holders.

When workload is crushing you, these inspiring and beautiful pen stands and bill holders are gonna remind you to Not Stop and Get Going, Everything Can Be Managed.

Breath and Believe…

Hey do you know what’s the worst thing about Motivation?  It is –  It needs to be refilled time and again. And what’s better than having Quote Boards on or around your study/work table to keep u motivated all through the day.

And when you are down and frustrated just set your chin up and get inspired… Get moving FLY HIGH...

And in times,  when “motivation, pyaaz se jyada or mehenga bik raha hai” why just keep quote boards for inspiration, get some rock solid small but cute Paper – Weights.

Aren’t these super cute??

 If you find them cute too i would urge you to share this post as much as you can so as to keep me motivated in pursuing my passion. 

My next Hut-Piece is for all the book-lovers. A utility every bibliophile holds as more important than the toothbrush. The Bookmarks.

These custom – made bookmarks for each and every genre of books are just so enchanting that you may for once forget the context of passage you are reading when you see them.

Note: All the Hut-Pieces, brought forth today are either recycled or created using things that are no more of use.

Getting Super Excited for my next two posts on FRIENDSHIP DAY and RAKSHABANDHAN.

Untill then Keep your spirits high,  keep believing… Oh you are breathing too… you are Alive. Keep Smiling and do not forget to like and comment on today’s Hut-Pieces.